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Yule Tide Yarn Bombing in Chippenham!

Monday 05 December 2016

On a crisp and chilly winter’s morning, visitors to Chippenham town centre were given a reason to smile and feel an inner-glow this week as a group of mystery yarn-bombers ensured that even the town’s bollards were kept warm in the run-up to Christmas!

In the best traditions of clandestine high street enhancements, no-one knew about the bollard bobble hats until these festive frills were in place, but it’s fair to say that the Chippenham BID team weren’t entirely surprised to see them.

In fact, it is the latest element of the BID’s 2016 Christmas campaign, working in partnership with a local knitting group turned guerrilla yarn-bombers.

The purpose of the campaign was to brighten up the town centre during the day to complement the festive lighting in the town after dark, and it certainly achieved that, putting smiles upon the faces of both young and old on a frosty Monday morning!

Indeed, pictures of the woolly bollards went viral within hours of being spotted, prompting both local media and the BBC to send reporters to the town to try to uncover the mystery of who knitted them and how they got there.

We understand that the organisers of the stunt saw yarn-bombing projects happening elsewhere and simply though, well if they can do it, why can’t we, proving once again that it really is those with a creative idea, a bit of passion and a desire to make their places better that can have as much impact as councils, BIDs and other funded organisations and that when everyone works together, even simple ideas can have a great impact!

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