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Town Centre Worker Discount Card

We are delighted to announce the launch of a Town Centre Worker Discount (TCWD) card for Chippenham. A simple way for local workers to support businesses in the town and save themselves money at the same time!

Chippenham BID Manager, Kathryn Crosweller said, “A thriving town centre is often supported by local workers who can pop out during lunch or on their way to and from work to do some shopping, helping to support other town centre businesses. For example, Chippenham has a high number of office staff, and we hope that giving them an incentive to shop in the town centre will see footfall increase for other town centre businesses.”

The number of businesses getting involved is increasing every day but to give you a flavour of the discounts already on offer, these businesses have already pledged their support for the scheme.


The discounts and incentives are entirely at the discretion of the individual businesses; discounts will vary eg: some may be seasonal, others may be available on a particular day of the week or time of day. We recommend that workers ask at the till or at the time of booking if a discount is available, in the same way as NUS and Blue Light cards are used.

If you are a business in the Chippenham BID area and you would like to offer a discount and/or would like some TCWD cards for your staff, please get in touch with us

If you are a worker in the Chippenham BID area and you would like a TCWD card, please ask your Manager.


Launched in Chippenham June 2019


Town Centre Worker Discount Card


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Town Centre Worker Discount Card
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